At home or in the car make gradual in/out funny faces before you go on for 1 minute. Your face should be moving about in slow motion representing different modes of inner feeling.

To be physically, emotionally, spiritually expansive = presence. In practice, this is to use the whole face and body to sing. This also establishes a “comfortable distance” as well as intimacy.

Try not to look in the mirror, it matters more what is going on inside you. The face exercise is to loosen any crystallized disposition hopefully into a more fluid one.

I found my way to the edge of the real

I can’t turn back without grabbing the wheel

But my hands were tied from before I tried

to evening out the deal

My circumstance is as you say,

but it’s in the dance and as I play

It’s where I am, and where I’m found

To love and believe is in the sound

This combination is somewhat rare

I know it’s true, I know it’s there

And all us souls who take the rains,

or pursue their goals

It’s just the same, so don’t forget,

we all get to choose that which we regret

So if I do complain or if I did abuse,

the rights I have, the rights I lose 

And you along with them

I’m stubborn, and lucid, and wanton to burn,

including this page, my prisoner’s wage

Coz I’m tired of what’s average, I’m sick of what’s old

Get me out of this savage, away from the bold

See me truly and simply, and all for the best

My life is amazing, I still have some left

No fear of referral, nor tears of advice

Let go of your senses, instead of your life!

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