This is an album of some of my favourite pieces to play. I dream music. Probably because my subconscious is exposed to so much playing, I then take the melodies and shape song structures and evolve them. I love the process. While building my calendar well for live work, after getting married in NY and moving to Baltimore - Covid came along and I lost a full year of bookings, but it gave me the chance to demo and catalogue my own songs which have been performed live for many years, some of which are gathered here now. 


My regular work just now is also building a virtual entertainment business for Zoom event and Care home customers.


For my originals I have two approaches:

The "TO NONE OTHER THAN ME" album, more melody based songs.

"Paul's songs are alive, you have to live with them.

Paul also sets the standard, when it comes to camaraderie,

and healthy artistic sharing." 

-Mesoud Benasuly

Session Bass player New York City

“It’s Beatles, it’s u2, its Bob Dylan, Lenny Kravitz and Billy Joel, its jazz – you write this style and that style– you have obviously been influenced by all the songs you have been playing through the years. The world would welcome something like this now with open arms, the songs are timeless, it’s an album like Sgt Pepper”. 

-Orna Wellman

drama and English teacher, Canada

"So much chochma in this album it’s insane, even the music part of your music is very compelling."

-Yisroel Ament

Lead guitar & producer of track #12, N.Y. City.


And the three album approach

a: Writer Man   

b: Beautiful Sunshine 

c: The Visitors

This approach of course has way more songs but has the additional artistic merit that it almost forms a musical narrative; “Writer Man” as a dialogue, of varying perspectives, between the point of view of the journalist and a star. "Beautiful Sunshine" and “The Visitors” are tied together as a rollercoaster of love and our predilection to conflict and the need to reconcile.

Shared between these three albums are all the more melody based songs from the above "To None Other Than Me" album approach, but with these additional more poetry to music, production*, and captured performance based songs.The variety hopefully making for a dynamic listen.


* five tracks have studio production with some world class musicians, two of which feature backing vocals and percussion by Crystal Taliefero from the Billy Joel band, one with Avraham Rosenblum on guitar among others.

Words, music, vocals, piano, harmonica:

Paul Toshner



Phil Kenzie, Paul Toshner, Yisroel Ament, 

Moshe Segal, Sway.


Musicians: Mesoud Benasuly, Crystal Taliefero, Yisroel Ament,

Moshe Segal, Avraham Rosenblum, Phil Kenzie, Craig Kramph, Larry Chaney, Rick Seratte, Tim Hinkley, Scott Chambers,

Charlie Harrison, Gary Tussing, Peter Rodman, Akiko Sakurai.


Mesoud Benasuly

& Jonathon Rosen Webb


© 2020 Paul Toshner



Lost songs




Love songs



Life songs


"I’ve pulled together songs from personal inner struggles or history to try and empathise and help people pull through – that's this album.”

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